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Boston Area Hospital Visitor Policies

Boston‘s area hospitals priority is the safety of our patients, employees and visitors. To balance the needs of our patients with ensuring we have a safe hospital, visitors will be limited due to COVID-19.

All Visitors

  • All visitors must be 18 years of age or older and will be screened for symptoms of possible COVID-19 infection. Visitors who are sick or have any symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, chills, muscle aches, or new onset of loss of taste and smell) may not visit under any circumstances.

  • All visitors will be provided a surgical mask upon arrival and are required to wear the mask continually until they leave the building, as well as practice hand hygiene and social distancing.

  • Visitors will be instructed to stay in the patient’s room for the duration of the visit.

  • Visitors are not allowed for patients with COVID-19.

Adult Inpatient

  • Adult inpatients may designate one visitor who is permitted to visit daily throughout the hospital stay. 

  • Visitors must check in at the nursing station before entering the patient room. 

Pediatric Inpatient/NICU

  • For pediatric and NICU patients, one parent/guardian may visit. Visitation is allowed 24/7.   

Labor and Delivery

  • One support person is allowed during the patient’s delivery and postpartum stay.

Ambulatory Clinics

  • There are no visitors allowed in any Ambulatory clinic with two exceptions:

  • A parent accompanying a child who has an appointment.

  • A caregiver accompanying a patient who is disabled, elderly, or otherwise needs a caregiver.

Emergency Department

  • Adult Emergency Department: No visitors at this time. 

  • Pediatric Emergency Department: One parent/guardian allowed with the child.

Surgical Services

  • There are no visitors allowed for patients undergoing surgery with two exceptions:

  • A parent accompanying a child.

  • A caregiver accompanying a patient who is disabled or otherwise needs a caregiver.

Call your hospital for up-to-date visitor policies.


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